Therapeutic Massage

Using techniques such as Niel Ashers TRIGGER POINT RELEASE to relieve tension in specific muscles this is not to be confused with the relaxing type of massage expected in a beauty salon.

The aim of this massage is to relieve muscular pain tension and restriction in the muscular system.

One area of the body will be worked on at any one time to that purpose therefore you may prefer to book in for half an hour or one hour sessions.   

30 Minutes £25

60 Minutes £40 

Aromatherapy using precious essential oils

Please note that we blend oils individually for each client from a range of over 50 oils! Our bespoke aromatherapy treatment is carried out after an in depth consultation with our Aromatherapist who holds an ITEC Diploma in Aromatherapy and is experienced in the NHS and Palliative Care having been trained by Gale MacDonald in Massage Therapy for People with Cancer. 

Duration 45 Minutes £30

Duration 90 Minutes £45


Our reflexologist holds an ITEC Diploma in Reflexology and has been practicing for over 20 years.

A foot wash and massage will be carried out before your treatment begins.

Duration 60 minutes £30

Indian Head Massage

A massage of the shoulders upper arms neck head & face given in a seated position includes chakra balancing makes this auyervedic traditional treatment relaxing and rejuvenating for office workers or those with too much going on in their head! With or without aromatic oils.

Duration 45 minutes £27.50


Hopi ear Candling

Useful for blocked ears, sinus headaches, balance problems and pressure in the ears with a choice of candle aroma.

Using biosun candles - Well Balance  Well Harmony  Well Motion or Original Candles

Duration 40 minutes £22.50



Usui method using 12 hand placements includes chakra balancing and works on the energetic systems of the mind body and spirit to uplift and rejuvenate rebalance and ground.

Duration 60 minutes £30


Hot Stone Therapy

Heated basalt volcanic stones and cool marble stones are used to massage and balance the body according to your needs or preferences. Using 42 hot stones and cooling stones in a full treatment takes 90 minutes. 

Back Neck & Shoulders 45 minutes £32.50

Full Treatment 90 minutes £47.50

Lava Shells or Molten Lava Stones Heated Massage

Natural Shells combined with heat and organic Kokolokahi Oils in  a choice of six blends make this therapy unique.    

This amazing new therapy uses self heating shells from SHARED BEAUTY SECRETS to give you a smooth seamless heated massage.  

Warm Back Massage 40 minutes £32.50

Full Treatment 60 minutes £47.50

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